Trove Tag

Trove Tag

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The TROVE TAG offers a 3-in-1 security accessory to your TROVE Wallet. Made in England using Italian leather. 

Tracker: Each TAG is imprinted with a unique TAG ID number, which can be registered on the TROVE website to help return your TROVE if lost. Comes with one year FREE tracking subscription.

Anchor: The eyelet hole on each TAG allows you to attach your keys or charms to your TROVE or you can anchor your TROVE to a lanyard or bag. 

Guard: Protect your contactless cards from being skimmed, the TAG is embedded with CRYPTALLOY technology which will protect any RFID card with immediate contact to the TAG (upto 2 cards can be protected), this can also help avoid card clash on public transport. 

Free tracking registration for 1 year. 

£5 per year thereafter.

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